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Caring for a Freshly Painted Car


So you just returned from the body shop with a brand new paint job! Your car looks like a million bucks. Now what? 

Following a few tips in the first few weeks while your paint is curing will help your car stay looking newer longer. 

For the first 6-8 weeks: 

  • Wash by hand only (no car washes) with a soft cloth, with mild soap out of direct sunlight and 
  • Use a slightly dampened cloth to remove excess moisture. Never use a dry cloth on fresh paint. 
  • No car wax or polish until the finish has completely hardened (90 days or so).
  • Park in the garage or under a carport if possible to avoid ice, snow, and bird droppings.
  • Use caution to prevent spilling everyday household cleaning agents or chemicals on your new paint job. 
  • Avoid dirt/gravel roads and pothole patch crews. 

There's nothing like the shine of a brand new paint job. These few precautions during the first couple of months will allow you to drive with pride for many years to come!